Portfolio Highlights

Summary Portfolio

The following table sets out information with respect to each of the MQREIT properties as at 31 December 2016:

PropertyNet Lettable Area
(sq ft)
Committed Occupancy
Appraised Value
(RM million)
Percentage of aggregate Appraised Value
Tenure of Land
Quill Building 1 - DHL 1 **92,284100126.55.7Term in perpetuity
Quill Building 4 - DHL 2 **99,183100--Term in perpetuity
Quill Building 2 - HSBC184,453100121.75.5Term in perpetuity
Quill Building 3 - BMW117,1989176.53.4Term in perpetuity
Wisma Technip233,021100173.07.8Term in perpetuity
Part of Plaza Mont' Kiara *73,40884116.05.2Term in perpetuity
Quill Building 5 - IBM81,6029145.32.0Term in perpetuity
Quill Building 8 - DHL (XPJ)65,2059225.01.1Term in perpetuity
TESCO Building Jelutong Penang275,020100140.06.3Term in perpetuity
Platinum Sentral475,85799.175033.8Term in perpetuity
Menara Shell557,05399.964829.2Term in perpetuity

* excludes car park bays

**On 14 August 2008, the respective pieces of land on which Quill Building 1 - DHL 1 and Quill Building 4 - DHL 2 are situated have been amalgamated pursuant to the condition imposed by the Securities Commission during the initial public offering of the Trust. As such the valuation for Quill Building 1 - DHL 1 and Quill Building 4 - DHL 2 have been carried out based on the amalgamation. The total valuation of the 2 properties amounted RM126,000,000.

Key Statistics and Details of the MQREIT Properties

The MQREIT properties have a diverse mix of international and local tenants operating in a variety of business sectors as shown below :